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    • mere-viola-roxie-dog-cake
      Roxie Dog Cake
    • mere-viola-tiffany-building
      Tiffany Building Cake
    • mere-viola-wedding-cake
      Pillow Wedding Cake
    • mere-viola-breakfast-tiffanys-table
      Breakfast Table
    • mere-viola-shoe-bag-cake
      MV Gold Bottom Collection
    • mere-viola-bear
      MV Bear
    • mere-viola-diva
      MV Diva
    • mere-viola-darling-front
      MV Darling
    • mere-viola-military
      MV Military

Creativity & Finesse at it's Best

Mere Viola's Couture designs cater to those seeking beautiful, innovative cakes that reflect the heart and mood of your event.
 When you contact me with design ideas, we will work through all your considerations, including venue, theme and budget.

Upon confirmation of order, you will receive a hand drawn sketch of your design so you are confident that I have matched your vision to the final piece, down to every last detail.

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